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Discover our PVC tarps made from durable 510g Frontlit material! Resilient, weatherproof, and versatile – our tarps are the ideal solution for your projects.

Find the right size and customize it to your liking. Quality and durability combined in one tarp. Buy now and enjoy weather-resistant versatility!

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Which Material?

Our tarps are made from high-quality 510g Frontlit material. This special fabric structure is known for its robustness and weather resistance. Whether for commercial or private use, this material guarantees durability and reliability.

Securing the Tarps?

Our tarps come equipped with sturdy eyelets, spaced at 50 cm intervals along the edges. This allows for easy and secure fastening according to your needs. You have the choice between a variant with hems for added stability or a variant without hems for maximum adaptability. If you prefer a tarp without eyelets, we also offer the “plano” option.